From Ian and James

Toyah & friend

From James Colla, London, UK

In memory of my two GSD's who suffered with CDRM (DM) I began collecting and distributing unwanted dog carts in the U.K., primarily to people who could not afford to buy them. I am also a general advisor to Dogs Today readers on CDRM and carts.

I now own Dogmobiles, K9's and Eddies Wheels carts. I have put scores of dogs on wheels. The Dogmobile, while boasting of the ability to allow the dog to lie down is heavy and almost impossible to operate alone. I have never known a dog to lie down in one. The K9, while easier to place the dog into, is cumbersome and difficult to adjust. Eddie's Wheels are wonderful. Lightweight, compact and easy to adjust, they are a breeze to place the dog into. I have a man in his seventies and couple in their eighties placing large male GSD's into Eddies Wheels carts unaided. I have no hesitation in recommending Eddies Wheels as the best on the market and am actively involved in attempting to get these manufactured in the UK to save on shipping charges and duty fees.

From Ian Jones, UK

Since she received her cart, Toyah has gone from strength to strength. She can once again get about, chase her ball, play tug of war, and enjoy life once again. She is very happy indeed. I am attaching a picture of Toyah with my 90 year granny in their respective wheelchairs.