Abby's cart came less than an hour ago. Within ten minutes she was in it. She wasn't afraid of it, she didn't fight it, she knew intuitively how to turn it, and she and I walked the whole backyard for her first brief introduction. She got lots of treats and praise and is now resting for her next little excursion. We'll have to try several more outings to make sure everything is adjusted properly for her, but she seemed quite comfortable with the settings as they are.

I am so proud of her. We still have a lot to learn, and she was a bit confused when I put her hinders in the stirrups, so I let her roam with them down until she's a bit more acclimated.

But she did absolutely great on her first outing, keeping up a joyful running commentary which I'm sure the rest of the neighborhood probably didn't enjoy nearly as much as I did. I'm attaching a couple of pictures and I'll let you know how she progresses. She can wear the lift harness I made her with the cart; she has it on here. I personally still have some tears of joy leaking, seeing her take to this alien contraption so readily. She even paused in the yard to grab a toy and shake it a few times.

Thank you all for giving her back the chance to roam.

Nancy Champion & Abby, Empress of the Known Universe