Less is ready

Back in July, Less received his cart. Less was a USDA agricultural detector beagle and very active before he ruptured a disc nearly two years ago. He regained a little mobility within the first year after surgery, but was unable to stand for very long, and usually ended up dragging his back legs even on short trips in the yard. I decided to try him in a cart, based on the recommendations of Dr. Barnes and Dr. Xie from University of Florida Veterinary School.

Less's acceptance of the cart was not as eager as I had hoped, treats and bribes to ease the transition notwithstanding. I swore he was in denial about needing a little help. However, he was so much more mobile when in the cart that I kept putting him in it for short walks and outings. He seemed to think he was being restrained, and would often just not move, even if I lured him to take a few steps with treats. Last weekend on one of our (seemingly) one-treat/one-step walks, he suddenly took off in his cart in hot pursuit of a wonderful scent. I think he has finally decided that this cart thing is not so bad after all, in fact, it may even be pretty neat. I had to run to keep up with him! I'm sending a photo of young Less posing calmly in his wheels, ready for his next adventure in the yard.

The cart is extremely well-made and although Less may have been a bit slow in appreciating it, I have been impressed with the craftsmanship in its construction and its balance and sturdiness. Less can take curbs and rough terrain with no problem at all, but best of all, he gets loads of petting and attention from passers-by who admire the tough little beagle in his tough little cart.


Sue Ellis and Less