Pet Owner’s Massage

Bring the art of caring to a new level between you and your pet. The Pet Owners Massage Guide for Dogs and Cats DVD is perfect for adults and children to learn the easy steps of animal massage for the benefit of dogs and cats

Announcing!! The first DVD easy-to-learn Massage Guide created for you and your pet!

The Pet Owners Massage Guide for Dogs and Cats demonstrates The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy techniques for you and your pet with the music of Janet Marlow’s Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats. Just place the DVD in your home entertainment center or computer and follow the easy step by step sequence of massage techniques explained by; Instructor, Theresa Gagnon. You can use these techniques knowing that your dog or cat can benefit by deepening their relaxation, preserving health, preventing injury and by giving your pet the gift of your company through the loving touch of massage.

The first DVD Massage Guide created for the Pet Owner!

Easy for kids to learn too!

$29.95 plus $5 S&H

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