Eddie’s Wheels Customer Testimonials

Dick & Patty shared this: Eddie's Wheels are therapeutic!

This Thank you is overdue, but we just wanted to let you guys know how pleased with are – or more importantly – how pleased Rambo is with his “Zoom Zooms” from Eddie’s Wheels. Rambo ruptured three discs in his back last May and lost use of his back legs. The Neurologist who performed surgery gave him “at best”, a 50/50 chance of ever regaining any use of his rear limbs. Because of our love for this dog, his young age and dominant personality, we decided to take the long odds. Thanks to four months of intensive physical therapy and the wonderful support of the staff at Oswego Animal Physiotherapy and Rehab, Rambo started to regain strength and some limited use of his rear legs. In early August, we added the wheels. Rambo took to them from day one! Not only did the wheelchair provide him with a renewed sense of freedom and independence, but almost immediately, we noticed that the cart was helping with the correct placement of his rear legs. After just a few weeks, his stride improved to the point where we were able to discontinue the use of protective booties.

Rambo continues to amaze with his sheer will to improve. He is now able to walk unassisted from the house, down the driveway to my truck. We are convinced that the wheels were the catalyst for the significant improvement we have seen over the past several weeks. Rambo uses his “Zoom Zooms” almost every day, rain or shine, and is back to terrorizing the backyard squirrels on a regular basis.

You have a great product and we are thankful that we took the time to do our due diligence and not invest in one of the “one size fits all” products that are available. Our clinic is also extremely impressed with the quality of Rambo’s wheels and have posted a great video of Rambo set to music on their Facebook site with a nice mention of Eddie’s Wheels.

Thanks again,

Dick & Patty Werth…and of course, Rambo

Peter Fry had this to say:

Our cart dog used his Eddie's Wheels for 5 years without a hitch - unless you count collecting field grass and leaves because they allowed him to be so active. We will be forever grateful for this. They are sturdy, easy to use and the firm saddle frame was much better than the strap system we had on a competitor's cart. They were also very good value compared with other carts - especially given the customization.

From Debi Clark Szekely:

There is no comparison between Eddies and the one size fits most brands of wheelchairs. The craftsmanship is so far superior, that is a given, but what really stands out is the compassion the owners have for each and every chair they make. They don't just make a wheel chair. They build a wheelchair specific for each and every dog. They know their needs, they know their names, they know their stories.

Erika Lorenzo wrote:

They're helping so many dogs and their people going through rough times. My dog has degenerative myelopathy,it's already hard enough dealing with the sadness and then having to deal with scammers and defective wheels was so discouraging. During my search for a trustworthy company I came across some bad service and bad wheels. I almost lost hope but I was determined to get my pup running again! Then I discovered Eddies and they were so welcoming from the first phone interaction! They were able to see me 2 days after I called! Long story short they're the real deal! These are the best most supportive wheel chairs for dogs I have found, absolutely amazing! They gave my pup her freedom back. And I was taken aback by the extreme kindness and sincerity they showed. They even gave me a cart they had on hand as a loner until our custom cart is ready, no strings attached! Words can't express my gratefulness. Thank you!!!

My family and I live in CA and we were heartbroken when our 4yr old Olive was struck with IVDD. We read about Eddie's Wheels online and were determined to make sure she could live somewhat of an acative lifestyle. We could not be more happy with her wheels! She has gotten used to them and her walks every day, and it's because of the personalized and caring team at Eddie's Wheels that Olive has been able to bounce back. The price and value of what we purchased was WELL WORTH THE COST to see our little dog active again. We'd recommend Eddie's Wheels in a heartbeat.

From Katie Leahy:

Eddie and Leslie and crew helped us 5 years ago with our first paralyzed dog Indigo. Now they have helped our second Dixie-Belle. Without their amazing work Indy and Dixie wouldn't have the lives and freedom they do. I always recommend them to anyone with a pet of any kind that has a mobility issue. You can't get any better than the best in the business and the best is Eddies. Like Indy and Dixie-Belle say "We don't Walk, We ROLL" without Eddies Wheels they wouldn't be rolling on!

From Erin Brush:

Charlie had had his wheels for 7 years now, and only needed one repair. He uses them everyday in any weather. You gave him him back his favorite hobby-chasing squirrels!

Rich-Denise Pittluck reviewed Eddie's Wheels for Pets5 star

We have tried three different carts for three different dogs. Eddies wheels was not only the best, the customer service was unsurpassed. My little guy wore out his wheels and Eddies wheels sent a new set no charge.Highly recommend Eddies Wheels

James and Irena wrote:

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for spending so much time getting the measurements correct. I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Eddie's wheels. The wheelchair is a great product. It is well designed and built.

Your instructions for training the cat to use the wheelchair were excellent. I trained him with Tuna to wear the harness for a couple of weeks. we put him in the wheelchair and fed him more tuna then slowly moved the bowl away...he happily followed the bowl. After he ate he was a bit bewildered but slowly explored the garage....and then ventured outside.

Over the next several weeks he has become more and more confident in the chair. He really seems to enjoy it. He really likes it because now he can follow Mitzi (our other cat) outside. She just climbs a tree when she has had enough of him....She views him as an annoying kid brother

He is confident enough in the wheelchair that we have to watch him closely. He will stand around and and smell for 10 minutes (to lull you into a false sense of security) then take off at a brisk pace. Since he is deaf, we are worried he will decide to head out onto the road.

I have attached some pictures of Enzo trucking along in his wheelchair. Let me know what you think of the fit and it you have some suggestionsI did make one modification. I added and additional strap/brace to support his sternum. It is located further towards the front of the cart (almost at his armpits). The existing strap was almost at his stomach.

Thank you again for all your help. Enzo really seems to enjoy the wheelchair and so do we!

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