Order A Rear Dog Wheelchair

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We appreciate your business and look forward to restoring your pet’s quality of life!

REMEMBER! This is not something one person can do alone.  Have a couple of friends or family assist you.  One to hold the pet up in a healthy normal stance, and another dangling treats in front of the pet's nose.

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List of tools needed

1 - Access to/or a print-out of our Visual Guide to Measuring Your Pet. Measurements are unique to Eddie's Wheels.

2 - Metal retractable tape measure or yardstick. No soft tapes!

3 - Caliper to measure your pet's width measurements. A caliper is required for an accurate width measurement and it is easy to make your own out of cardboard using our template

4 - Sling to support your pet in a healthy stance with paws flat on the ground. If it is difficult for your pet to stand on his/her own, use a sling or harness to lift and support your pet to mimic the stance. Your pet's back should be horizontal without one side higher or lower than the other. You can make your own sling by cutting the seams on a cloth shopping bag and using the handles to hold up your pet under the tummy. You can also use a towel or knee socks.

5 - Treats!

6 - Camera or cell phone to take a straight-on, level, side-view (profile) digital photo of your entire pet (head to tail). Your pet should be supported in a healthy stance, feet flat on a hard surface, with a level top-line, and a vertical yardstick or measuring tape visible as a point of reference. Download instructions for taking the perfect measuring photo

Email the photo with your pet's first name and your last name in the subject line to: info@eddieswheels.com.

We do not need to see photos of every measurement. 

Examples of a measuring photo















Spayed or Neutered*

If intact- please describe testicles


Please see our visual measuring guide for photos of each measurement.

Was a caliper used to measure E’s (width)?*


The medial-to-lateral measurement is taken from the rear of the dog. It is a measurement of the remaining leg from the inside of thigh to the outside of thigh.





If amputee- Amputation cleanly at hip?




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