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Specializing in Dog Wheelchairs

Eddie’s Wheels designs and manufactures custom dog wheelchairs and wheelchairs for a variety of handicapped pets. Made in the U.S.A. As caregivers of disabled dogs for the past 20 years, Ed and Leslie Grinnell knew what they wanted for their pets: a wheelchair designed for on and off-road play that would allow for their pets to enjoy a good quality of life while they healed. A mechanical engineer by trade, Ed’s revolutionary design has been endorsed by veterinarians, rehab practitioners and canine chiropractors.
  • Custom-built and engineered to match your pet’s disability.
  • Welded padded saddle gives your pet solid support on its pelvic floor, eliminating chafing to delicate soft tissue.
  • Lightweight solid aluminum construction with a choice of wheels to match your pet’s terrain.
  • Adjustable for height and length.
  • Variable axle carts allow owners to change the balance of the cart to compensate for increasing weakness in the front legs for dogs with degnerative myelopathy.
  • Easy to use, indestructible and warranteed for the life of your pet.
  • Made in the USA in  our own workshop in Shelburne Falls, MA. and exported all over the world.
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Adjustable Clinic Quad Carts Support Advanced Surgeries

Eddie's Wheels Conic Quad

It's taken some time, but with advances in veterinary care such as TPLO, PennHip and ventral slot surgeries,  veterinarians and their clients alike are looking for safer, better ways to support those surgeries.  Safely moving, transferring and supporting a groggy painful dog with towels and slings is unsafe for animals and the vet techs.  That's… Read More

Hospice or Healing – Clinic quad carts save lives

Eddie's Wheels clinic quad

It was 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning when Crockett's owner called me from New Hampshire to beg for an appointment that day to see his dog.  Crockett, a 14 year old 90 lb. yellow lab, was down - unable to stand on any of his four legs.  The vet had advised him to let… Read More

Wheels can be the first step to rehab

small dog wheelchair

When Eddie and I started Eddie's Wheels, we thought all the dogs we'd build carts for would eventually rehabilitate out of their wheels. That's because  our first dog, Buddha, used her wheels for less than 6 months before she started being able to walk again without a cart. Sure, it was "spinal walking" - a… Read More