Wheels can be the first step to rehab

November 18, 2013 2 Comments

When Eddie and I started Eddie’s Wheels, we thought all the dogs we’d build carts for would eventually rehabilitate out of their wheels.  That’s because  our first dog, Buddha, used her wheels for less than 6 months before she started being able to walk again without a cart.   Sure, it was “spinal walking” – Read More

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Rehab Success Stories

November 7, 2013 No Comments

Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing from clients whose pets have rehabilitated and no longer need the assistance of a wheelchair.   Lately, we have been hearing about a number of dogs for whom a cart was a critical piece of their rehabilitation. Teddy, a 14 year old chow who was a cancer survivor, Read More

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What we mean by CUSTOM dog wheelchair

October 25, 2013 No Comments

When a dog has disabilities in three out of his four legs, it’s a challenge to figure out what kind of cart would be the best design. Master, a 10 year old Giant Schnauzer, came to see us on the advice of his neuro-surgeon, Dr. Dominic Faissler at , who had recently performed successful spinal Read More


The Gift of Mobility is the Gift of Life

Over the past 20 years, Ed and Leslie Grinnell have been the caregivers of seven disabled dogs, including 3 Dobermans, a dachshund, a pitbull and two chi-weiners born with no front legs.   These dogs have been the Research and Development team at Eddie’s Wheels, providing us with hands-on experience in dealing with mobility challenged dogs.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Eddie Grinnell brings a lifetime of experience to his work, incorporating the highest engineering standards with special consideration to each pet’s unique disabilities and anatomy.

  • Fabricated out of lightweight solid aluminum rod, with machined fittings and stainless steel hardware, creating the strongest, most stable carts on the market.
  •  Individually designed and built to your pet’s specific measurements and to address its individual needs. We believe that a good fit and sturdy construction is the reason most pets adapt easily to using our carts.
  •  Healthy pets can resume a normal activity level on all terrain in our carts.
  • Our unique saddle design, welded in the center and padded with cushy closed cell foam, supports your pet on its pelvic floor, eliminating pressure sores, decubital ulcers and urine burn common to other’ saddle designs.
  • Gender specific saddles allow pets to urinate and defecate while standing in their wheelchairs.
  • All our carts are fully upgradable to meet the needs of progressive disabilities, such as degenerative myelopathy.
  •  We also manufacture the only two-wheeled mobility cart for animals with front leg disabilities, and the only quad cart that comes equipped with a headrest and tow handle.

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